Underfloor Heating

A Hutchinson & Son Ltd is proud to offer this specialist service. Underfloor heating is unarguably the most efficient way to heat a home, running at a low temperature to provide reliable warmth, and providing an exceptional degree of control – you can choose to maintain different temperatures in each room, at whatever time of day suits your lifestyle.

While a radiator heats the area immediately around it, the heat spreads to the rest of the room only slowly, yet quickly rises to above head level, meaning the people in the room do not gain full benefit. Meanwhile, an underfloor heating system warms a much larger surface area from a lower level, providing heat at a more appropriate level and a more consistent room temperature.

Imagine the luxury of warm floors on cold, winter mornings – especially if your home has tiled or stone floors. Underfloor heating can also increase your property’s resale value – as well as creating extra space and a clean decorative finish (by removing the need for radiators).

Although underfloor heating is best suited to new builds or refurbishments, it can be retrospectively fitted on top of existing floors by raising the floor level slightly. We supply, fit and fully service various makes of water-based underfloor heating, including John Guest, Myson, Nu-Heat and Polypipe. Call us now to discuss how this modern heating solution will make a great addition to and completely transform your home.

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