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At A. Hutchinson & Son, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of all things heating/plumbing-related, not least how to conserve energy and so save you money. Here, we present some of the questions we are most commonly asked. However, we do prefer to be able to tailor our advice to your individual property and lifestyle – so do get in touch to pick our brains on how to get the best out of your heating and plumbing systems.

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The water pressure indicator is usually on the front of the boiler. This should be at 1 to 1.5 bar when the system is cold. (When the system is warm, it will rise.) Your boiler relies on a reasonably constant level of water pressure. A drop in pressure can be due to a leak in the system. Sometimes you can re-pressurise the boiler yourself (please check the user manual), so long as this does not require tools to remove the front panel. If not – or if you do re-pressurise it and the pressure then drops again – you need to call us or another expert to diagnose and repair the problem.

You should set your room thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature – this is usually between 18ºC and 21ºC. To save money and be more environmentally friendly, you could try turning down your thermostat and see if you still feel comfortable. You should leave the thermostat at the same setting whatever the weather.

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) don’t control the boiler; they just control the flow of water through the radiator they are fitted to. On a modern (five-level) TRV, we advise a setting of three. The lower the setting, the less energy is used (and so the more money you save).

It depends – if they are cold at the top, there is probably air in the system, so you’ll need to bleed the radiators affected. But if they are cold at the bottom, this suggests there is sludge in the system, sitting at the bottom of the radiators. A power flush will help, making the system cleaner and as a result, much more effective.

Filters are not (yet) compulsory but are highly recommended as a way of reducing the amount of sludge that can get into your heating system. We include a filter on every estimate we provide for heating systems, as they greatly improve efficiency. To fit a filter to an existing system, prices start at £150 + VAT. There are different sizes and makes of filter available and we’ll be glad to advise you on your best options.

Every job is different, as we select which equipment to supply based on your property and lifestyle. We aim to be competitive on prices, while offering the best-quality solution to fit your budget. For example, are you willing and able to invest in a top-quality boiler, or is a middle-of-the-range model more what you had in mind?

Prices are standard for servicing boilers and other gas appliances. For example, we charge £55 + VAT to service a combi boiler, £70 + VAT to service a back boiler, and £45 + VAT to service a gas fire. For every boiler serviced, we will service a second appliance for half price during the same visit.

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